• The Learning School:  Innovation and Enterprise

The Learning School: Innovation and Enterprise

Author(s) Ng Pak Tee
ISBN10 9812447490
ISBN13 9789812447494
Format Paperback
Pages 261
Year Publish 2005



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The Learning School is a school for the present and the future. In such a school, its leaders and members aim to be efficient and effective at learning and learning how to learn together by the consistent and holistic practice of the five learning organization disciplines. Such deep learning leads to innovation and enterprise in a school.

       An innovative and enterprising school is first and foremost a learning school.

This book describes and discusses:

  1. What the learning school is, the philosophy and assumption behind it:
  2. The disciplines that a learning school practices, leading such a school to deep learning, innovation and enterprise:        
  • Personal Mastery
  • Mental Models
  • Shared Vision
  • Team Learning
  • System Thinking;
  1. What an innovative and enterprising school is and how that can be developed from the basis of a learning school.

Special features in this book include:

  1. Case studies of schools that have embarked on their learning school journey;
  2. Pointers and examples of Ie3E for school leaders and teachers; and
  3. Questions for individual reflection and group discussion.

About The Author:

Dr Ng Pak Tee is an assistant Professor at the Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. He teaches in the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP) and Diploma in Department Management (DDM) programmes for school leaders (principal-ship and HOD-ship), postgraduate programmes for research candidates and in the foundation programmes for trainee teachers.

He read Mathematics at Cambridge University [BA (Hons), MA] and Bardford University [PhD]. He was also trained as a teacher at the National Institute of Education [PGDE]. Dr Ng has taught Mathematics at Hwa Chong Junior College and served as a Ministry of Education (MOE) officer in the Organisation Development Division under the Policy Wing. His main areas of teaching, research, training and consultancy at NIE are Learning Organisation, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation, Leadership and Coaching. He is the author of the book GROW ME: Coaching for Schools and co-author of the book Big Fish Eat Small Fish: Lens to See the World. He has conducted many workshop and consulted for schools, school clusters and other organisationa.