• It Begins Here: Organizational Learning Journey Toolkit

It Begins Here: Organizational Learning Journey Toolkit

Author(s) Daniel H. Kim and Diane Cory
ISBN10 9810840071
ISBN13 9789810840075
Format Spiral-Bound
Pages 71
Year Publish June/2014 (4th Reprint)
  • $50.00


Using the Three-legged Stool as the organizing framework, this book is divided into four sections:

  1. Organizing Frameworks
  2. Aspiration - Personal Mastery, Shared Vision
  3. Generative Conversation - Mental Models, Team Learning
  4. Understanding Complexity - Systems Thinking

The tools that relate to each leg of the stool follow an introductory page for each section. For each tool, an illustration and a brief explanation is provided. Additional readings and resources are provided to help support you as you seek increased understanding, some of the tools included:

Organizing Frameworks Tools:

  1. Core Theory of Success
  2. Three-Legged Stool

Aspiration Tools:

  1. Creative Tension Model
  2. Hieracrchy of Choices

Generative Conversation Tools:

  1. Check-in Process
  2. Quality of Conversation
  3. Four Quadrants of Dialogue
  4. Ladder of Inference
  5. Left-Hand Column
  6. Four-Player Model
  7. Four Predominant Roles in Meetings
  8. Decision Types
  9. Learning Cycle
  10. Single and Double-Loop Learning
  11. Architecture and Essence of a Learning Organization

Understanding Complexity Tools:

  1. Characteristics of a System
  2. Systems Axioms
  3. Levels of Perspective
  4. Vision Deployment Matrix
  5. Systems Complexity
  6. Causal Loop Diagrams: Reinforcing and Balancing Loops
  7. Key Success Factors
  8. System Archetypes: Limits to Success, Shifting the Burden and Fixes that Fail
  9. Three-Phase View of Organizational Change

About the Author:

Daniel Kim is a co-founder of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning (now the Society for Organizational Learning) and an internationally recognized leader in helping managers apply the power of organizational learning and systems thinking to complex corporate issues.