• The Lemming Dilemma: Living with Purpose, Leading with Vision

The Lemming Dilemma: Living with Purpose, Leading with Vision

Author(s) David Hutchens
ISBN10 9810463235
ISBN13 9789810463236
Format Paperback
Pages 92
Year Publish 2002 January
  • $28.00


This volume introduces the crucial organizational learning discipline of personal mastery-the ongoing process of discovering what you really care about and working with resolve to achieve it. In this engaging story, Emmy the lemming wakes up to her own purpose and vision, and defies the age-old urge to follow others off the cliff. Through her own surprising choices, she inspires the other lemmings to pursue their deepest aims and visions, both individually and collectively. In this simply told story are profound lessons about what it means to be the leader of your own life and to share your vision with others. Includes questions for refection and group discussion.

About The Author:
David Hutchens is passionate about new possibilities for organizations and the people in them. As principal of Iconoclast Communications, he writes, speaks , and consults in the areas of organizational learning and organic change. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee, with his wife Robbie, daughter Emory, and son Oliver.

Bobby Gombert is a humorous illustrator and product developer for both corporate and commercial communications. His illustrations have appeared in books, greeting cards, ads, and award-winning political cartoons. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Liana.