• What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide to Building Character

What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide to Building Character

Author(s) Barbara A. Lewis
ISBN10 1575421747
ISBN13 9781575421742
Format Paperback
Pages 176
Year Publish 2005 May


Even elementary school children can build positive character traits like caring, citizenship, cooperation, courage, fairness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. The true stories, inspiring quotations, thought-provoking dilemmas, and activities in this book help kids grow into capable, moral teens and adults.
What Do You Stand For? For Kids includes:

  1. Self-reflection quizzes
  2. True stories about real kids with character
  3. Descriptions of ten important character traits
  4. Activities students can do to build character traits
  5. What If? situations that challenge thinking
  6. Resources including books, organizations, and websites for learning more about the character traits

About The Author:
Barbara A. Lewis is a national award—winning author and educator who teaches kids how to think and solve real problems. Her students at Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, initiated the cleanup of hazardous waste, improved sidewalks, planted thousands of trees, and fought crime. They instigated and pushed through several state laws and an amendment to a national law, garnering 10 national awards, including two President's Environmental Youth Awards, the Arbor Day Award, the Renew America Award, and Pledge and a Promise Environmental Award. They have also been recognized in the Congressional Record three times.

Barbara has been featured in/on many national newspapers, magazines, and news programs, including Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, CBS This Morning, CBS World News, and CNN. She has also written many articles and short stories for national magazines. Her books for Free Spirit Publishing—What Do You Stand For? A Kid's Guide to Building Character, The Kid's Guide to Social Action, Kids with Courage, and The Kid's Guide to Service Projects—have won Parenting's Reading Magic Award and been named "Best of the Best for Children" by the American Library Association, among other honors.

Barbara has lived in Indiana, New Jersey, Switzerland, Belgium, Utah, and Poland. She and her husband, Larry, currently reside in Park City, Utah. They have four children: Mike, Andrea, Chris, and Sam, five perfect grandchildren, and a forest of shy deer, a bold moose, busy squirrels, and feathered friends.

She is available to do keynote speeches and workshops on such topics as: service learning, problem solving, developing a program in gifted education, fighting crime, protecting the environment, working with government, community action, and student leadership development.