• Teaching Without Disruption in the Primary School: A Practical Approach to Managing Pupil Behaviour, 2nd Edition

Teaching Without Disruption in the Primary School: A Practical Approach to Managing Pupil Behaviour, 2nd Edition

Author(s) Roland Chaplain
ISBN10 1138884979
ISBN13 9781138884977
Format Paperback
Pages 250
Year Publish 2016 February


The issue of behaviour has, and always will be, a main dilemma facing schools. Encouraging positive relationships whilst preventing disruption, and motivating students to learn, raises concerns for any teacher.

This fully updated second edition of Teaching without Disruption in the Primary School offers a comprehensive and constructive approach to developing effective behaviour management. Packed full of tasks, case studies, and research-based guidance, this extremely practical book reflects high quality behaviour management training and is crucially informed by empirical evidence on exactly what works in classrooms and schools.

Containing two brand new chapters - one on the importance of theory in developing effective behaviour management, and the other detailing a toolkit for constructing effective classroom management plans - the book presents a model for developing:

  1. effective behaviour management at the individual pupil, classroom and whole school level
  2. professional social skills, assertiveness and coping strategies
  3. understanding of how teachers’ thinking and behaviour can unwittingly affect pupil behaviour
  4. a roadmap for establishing and maintaining authority
  5. pupils’ self-control and social competence using a cognitive-behavioural approach
  6. an appreciation of the value of adopting a research-based approach to behaviour management.

Roland Chaplain has used this programme to successfully teach behaviour management techniques to thousands of PGCE trainees at the University of Cambridge, UK. Underpinned by contemporary educational, psychological and neuroscientific research, this book offers a progressively focused behaviour management model which will appeal to all teachers and teacher trainees, as well as to those who train them.

About The Author:

Roland Chaplain is a chartered psychologist, educational consultant and behaviour management specialist in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. He has experience as a teacher, head teacher and senior lecturer in Psychology.