• Outlearning the Wolves: Surviving and Thriving in a Learning Organization

Outlearning the Wolves: Surviving and Thriving in a Learning Organization

Author(s) David Hutchens
ISBN10 9810891619
ISBN13 9789810891619
Format Paperback
Pages 80
Year Publish 2012 March
  • $28.00


Robert Fritz calls this fable a true classic that demonstrates how "a good story can be one of the best sources of profound change." Now available in 11 languages, the book continues to find new audiences and win the hearts of those who embrace its lessons.

Yet, it’s fair to say that the central message of this deceptively simple tale is almost as radical today as it was when Cobee first published Singapore edition 10 years ago. As Fritz observes, it is still the rare organization that appreciates the insight that the sheep in the story discover: "Individual learning, good as it is, does not necessarily translate into organizational learning. The learning must become collective." That’s why this book continues to be such an important resource for innovators determined to confront the wolves of complacency in their organizations by stimulating people’s natural desire to creatively improve their results-together.

Outlearning the Wolves, third edition is the story of an organization that might resemble yours-complete with bad habits, nagging vulnerabilities, and resignation to the status quo. As a flock of sheep build a culture for learning, the contributions of each individual are utilized in strikingly new and productive ways. Outlearning the Wolves and its discussion guide are a simple and powerful way to communicate how organizations can develop the capacity to learn.

About The Author:
David Hutchens is passionate about new possibilities for organizations and the people in them. As principal of Iconoclast Communications, he writes, speaks , and consults in the areas of organizational learning and organic change. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee, with his wife Robbie, daughter Emory, and son Oliver.

Bobby Gombert is a humorous illustrator and product developer for both corporate and commercial communications. His illustrations have appeared in books, greeting cards, ads, and award-winning political cartoons. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Liana.