• The Power of Making Thinking Visible: Practices to Engage and Empower All Learners, April/2020

The Power of Making Thinking Visible: Practices to Engage and Empower All Learners, April/2020

Author(s) Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church
ISBN10 1119626048
ISBN13 9781119626046
Format Paperback
Pages 272
Year Publish 2020 April


The long-awaited follow-up to Making Thinking Visible, provides new thinking routines, original research, and unique global case studies

Visible Thinking—a research-based approach developed at Harvard’s Project Zero – prompts and promotes students’ thinking. This approach has been shown to positively impact student engagement, learning, and development as thinkers. Visible Thinking involves using thinking routines, documentation, and effective questioning and listening techniques to enhance learning and collaboration in any learning environment. The Power of Making Thinking Visible explains how educators can effectively use thinking routines and other tools to engage and empower students as learners and transform classrooms into places of deep learning. 

Building on the success of the bestselling Making Thinking Visible, this highly-anticipated new book expands the work of the original by providing 18 new thinking routines based on new research and work with teachers and students around the world. Original content explains how to use thinking routines to maximum effect in the classroom, engage students exploration of big ideas, link thinking routines to formative assessment, and more. Providing new research, new global case studies, and new practices, this book:

  1. Focuses on the power that thinking routines can bring to learning
  2. Provides practical insights on using thinking routines to facilitate student engagement
  3. Highlights the most effective techniques for using thinking routines in the classroom
  4. Identifies the skillsets and mindsets needed to truly make thinking visible
  5. Features actionable classroom strategies that can be applied across grade levels and content areas

Written by researchers from Harvard’s Project Zero, The Power of Making Thinking Visible: Using Routines to Engage and Empower Learners is an indispensable resource for K-12 educators and curriculum designers, higher education instructional designers and educators, and professional learning course developers.

About the Authors:

Ron Ritchhart is a Senior Research Associate at Harvard Project Zero and Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His current research focuses on developing intellectual character, making thinking visible, and promoting deep learning.

Mark Church has been an educator for over twenty years and has particular interest in helping teachers and school leaders think deeply about their efforts to cultivate thinking and learning opportunities for students.

Ron Ritchhart and Mark Church (with Karin Morrison) are the coauthors of Making Thinking Visible.