• Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12: A Schoolwide Plan, June/2010

Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12: A Schoolwide Plan, June/2010

Author(s) J. Allen Queen, Bob Algozzine
ISBN10 1412974135
ISBN13 9781412974134
Format Paperback
Pages 152
Year Publish 2010 June


"The RCM plan works because it is straightforward and easy for staff, students, and parents to understand and, most important, to buy into. Staff members appreciate the research and the paradigm of modeling responsibility. Students identify with the emphasis on responsibility and the use of logical consequences. The RCM plan has been a major part of positively changing the overall culture in our school."
Ronald S. Dixon, Principal
John Taylor Williams Middle School, Charlotte, NC

A schoolwide plan for decreasing discipline problems and empowering adolescents to act responsibly!

Proven to reduce office referrals, suspensions, and dropout rates, the Responsible Classroom Management Plan (RCMPlan™) is a nationally field-tested, team-based approach to schoolwide behavior management and discipline. Written for teachers and administrators in Grades 6–12, this detailed resource:

  1. Addresses the nuts and bolts of classroom management
  2. Explains the essential skills teachers need to reinforce responsible behavior and model appropriate social conduct
  3. Provides tested consequences that promote internal behavior control in secondary school students
  4. Includes administrator resources and tools for introducing, implementing, and monitoring Responsible Classroom Management in a school or district

Emphasizing the importance of teamwork between administrators and teachers in maintaining schoolwide behavior standards and expectations, this book introduces the RCMPlan™ system and provides the tools you need for successful implementation.

About The Author:

J. Allen Queen is professor and former chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former classroom teacher, principal, college administrator, and university professor, he works with teachers and principals in the areas of managing priorities, time management, and stress reduction. Queen has written over 30 books and 70 articles, including The Frazzled Teacher’s Wellness Plan (Corwin Press 2004), The Block Scheduling Handbook (Corwin Press 2002), and books on karate and fitness for young readers. He has appeared on radio and television programs, including ABC's World News Now, and has been a consultant to over 160 schools and districts in 36 states and 3 foreign countries in the areas of classroom discipline, school safety, block scheduling, and time management.

Bob Algozzine is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina and project codirector of the U.S. Department of Education-supported Behavior and Reading Improvement Center. With 25 years of research experience and extensive firsthand knowledge of teaching students classified as seriously emotionally disturbed, Algozzine is a uniquely qualified staff developer, conference speaker, and teacher of behavior management and effective teaching courses. He is active in special education practice as a partner and collaborator with professionals in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in North Carolina and as an editor of several journals focused on special education. Algozzine has written more than 250 manuscripts on special education topics, including many books and textbooks on how to manage emotional and social behavior problems.