• Pick and Plan: 100 Brain-Compatible Strategies for Lesson Design

Pick and Plan: 100 Brain-Compatible Strategies for Lesson Design

Author(s) Brenda Utter
ISBN10 1412951143
ISBN13 9781412951142
Format Paperback
Pages 144
Year Publish 2007 May


"If you want to energize your teaching, this is the book for you! The research-based content is full of ideas presented in a practical and user-friendly format."
Joanne Cearbaugh, ESL Methods Instructor
Taylor University

"A wealth of knowledge and practical strategies are packed into this lesson planning book. Teachers will use this informative resource to design quality lessons to reach all learners. This one won't gather dust—it will be that dog-eared, coffee-stained, often-used volume!"
Sandra Hess, Assistant Superintendent
Warsaw Community Schools, IN

Build your lesson planning collection with this easy-to-use resource!

Are you looking for a practical way to infuse your teaching with engaging strategies that are quickly accessible and effective? Wouldn’t it be great to have a brain-based reference to help you make informed choices about lesson planning and instruction?

In Pick and Plan, Brenda Utter presents a top-notch collection of ready-to-use strategies to help novice and veteran teachers not only energize their lesson planning but also tailor classroom activities to students' individual learning styles. The author reviews the building blocks of the brain, four memory pathways, and current research, and provides brain-compatible approaches that make teaching and learning fun.

This all-in-one resource allows you to literally "pick and plan" brain-friendly instruction using:

  1. A lesson planning model with five parts: engager, frame, activity, debrief, and story or metaphor
  2. 100 classroom-ready, mix-and-match strategies for using mnemonic devices, graphic organizers, manipulatives, and more, based upon how the brain learns and remembers new information
  3. Sample lessons that demonstrate each part of the model

Featuring research sidebars and a detailed table of contents, this indispensable text will help transform your teaching experience with its easy-to-implement daily lesson planning strategies.