• Leading for Change Through Whole-School Social-Emotional Learning: Strategies to Build a Positive School Culture, Jun/2019

Leading for Change Through Whole-School Social-Emotional Learning: Strategies to Build a Positive School Culture, Jun/2019

Author(s) Jennifer E. Rogers
ISBN10 1544352980
ISBN13 9781544352985
Format Paperback
Pages 232
Year Publish 2019 June


Develop and cultivate a positive school culture!

Calling all change agents! If you are hoping to join other schools and districts across the country that are adopting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and practices to improve student outcomes and teacher  capacity, then you’ve found the right book.

Let Jennifer Rogers share her specialized experience in developing and implementing behavioral and social-emotional programs and support with you. The practical framework outlined in this book comprises real-world experiences and evidence-based strategies to integrate systemic change toward a positive school culture. With sustainable practices in mind, this guide features 

  1. thought-provoking worksheets to explore staff understanding of SEL, collect evidence, influence instruction, and more
  2. a step-by-step rubric to guide implementation with recommendations
  3. resources to explore at the end of each chapter
  4. reflection questions to promote deeper thinking

SEL is about both prevention and intervention. For the stakeholders engaged in this work who must think reflectively about schools, this book offers the support, strategies, processes, and tools, to teach students these competencies in a comprehensive and sustainable way. 

About the Author:

Dr. Jennifer Rogers is the Founder of Rogers Training Solutions, LLC.  She works with educational stakeholders on developing tools and strategies to increase positive student outcomes. Rogers Training Solutions, LLC provides consulting, professional development, workshops, coaching, one-on-one leadership support for individuals and organizations exploring social, emotional, and behavioral interventions in school environments.

Dr. Rogers background has reflected a strong commitment to children and adolescents and their families for over 20 years.  She has worked with school districts across the country as a school counselor, researcher, administrator, coach trainer, and consultant.  Schools benefit from her experience as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and training as a counselor educator to create programs to meet the social, emotional, and behavioral needs for students. 

She has experience with implementing and measuring the impact of interventions in counseling, prevention, and early intervention.  She has advocated for, written about, researched, trained, created interventions for, used data to support, worked with curriculum, and implemented district-wide Social Emotional Learning.  She has delivered professional presentations on childhood trauma and resiliency, mental health issues, relationship strategies, proactive classroom management, toxic stress, parenting strategies, mindfulness, and self-care.  

Dr. Rogers professional goals align with the core mission to make social and emotional learning an integral part of education for all students. To reach the goal, her belief is that we must work to support systemic change and create a common understanding amongst all stakeholders of the benefits of social emotional learning to positive school culture.