• The Handbook for Embedded Formative Assessment, Nov/2017

The Handbook for Embedded Formative Assessment, Nov/2017

Author(s) Solution Tree Authors
ISBN10 1945349506
ISBN13 9781945349508
Format Paperback
Pages 176
Year Publish 2017 November


Developed as a companion to Embedded Formative Assessment, 2nd edition, this handbook guides K-12 teachers through the process of developing effective formative assessments. Inside its pages, you'll find tried-and-tested classroom strategies, practical how-tos, and exercises designed to guide implementation. The book also includes discussion questions that can be answered as teams or used for individual reflection.

Learn how to implement the strategies of formative assessment in the classroom:

  1. Explore research that states classroom formative assessment is the most impactful (and cost-effective) approach to raising student academic achievement.
  2. Review the five key strategies of classroom formative assessment.
  3. Gain more than 50 practical techniques for classroom formative assessment.
  4. Clarify and share learning intentions and success criteria, elicit evidence of student achievement, and give feedback that moves learning forward.
  5. Understand that teacher quality remains the most important determinant of student engagement and learning.