• Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, 2nd Edition, Feb/2018

Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, 2nd Edition, Feb/2018

Author(s) David A. Sousa, Carol Ann Tomlinson
ISBN10 1945349522
ISBN13 9781945349522
Format Paperback
Pages 240
Year Publish 2018 February


Understand current educational neuroscience research and gain differentiated instruction and brain-based learning strategies for teaching diverse learners.

Use Brain-Based Learning and Neuroeducation to Differentiate Instruction

Students are becoming more academically and culturally diverse, making it more important than ever to shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning. The second edition of this best-selling book will help you create truly effective, brain-friendly classrooms for all learners. The authors share an array of updated differentiated instruction examples, scenarios, and exercises, as well as the latest educational psychology research from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and pedagogy.

Learn more about teaching diverse learners using brain-based learning strategies:

  1. Explore how the brain learns and approaches to differentiation.
  2. Sharpen your knowledge of developmental cognitive neuroscience and educational psychology to teach the best content in the best possible way.
  3. Use the knowledge of educational neuroscience (neuroeducation) to benefit the students you teach.
  4. Design and implement strategies for effective differentiated instruction.
  5. Create a positive and productive learning environment that supports diversity in the classroom.

A joint publication of ASCD and Solution Tree

Editorial Review:

“Expert and engaging with clear, vivid descriptions of the principles used in real classrooms, Differentiation and the Brain, Second Edition makes the fields of neuroscience and differentiation accessible. It is a welcome contribution from two of the most amazing thinkers of our time.”  -- Rick Wormeli, author and consultant

“Tomlinson and Sousa provide a solid rationale for differentiation in educational neuroscience and then offer practical strategies for embedding differentiation into classroom practices—a go-to resource for teachers!”  --Diane Heacox, author, educational consultant, and professor emerita, St. Catherine University, Minnesota

About The Authors:

David A. Sousa, EdD, is an author and international consultant. He has received numerous awards from professional associations, school districts, and educational foundations for his commitment to research, staff development, and science education.

Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, is an author, a consultant, a trainer, and a presenter who works throughout the United States and abroad with teachers to develop more responsive, heterogeneous classrooms.