• The Good Society: The Humana Agenda

The Good Society: The Humana Agenda

Author(s) John Kenneth Galbraith
ISBN10 0395859980
ISBN13 9780395859988
Format Paperback
Pages 152
Year Publish 1997 April


"Common Sense raised to the level of genius" --- The New Yorker

This compact, tightly argued, and eloquent book is the quintessential John Kenneth Galbraith, the manifesto of the "abiding liberal." In defining the characteristics of a good society and creating the blueprint for a workable agenda, Galbraith allows for human weakness without compromising a humane culture, and recognizes barriers that hinder but do not defeat a responsible, stable, and hopeful future.

About The Author:

John Kenneth Galbraith, the Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus at Harvard, has written thirty books spanning four decades.