• Legal Words & Phrases Simplified

Legal Words & Phrases Simplified

Author(s) John M. Bishop LL.B.
ISBN10 9839073109
ISBN13 9789839073102
Format Paperback
Pages 200
Year Publish 1993


Every profession and trade has its own terminology. The Law is no-exception of course, and given its long history, the terminology which constitutes the language of the Law, provides an effective barrier to the outsider.

This book aims to provide lay people, and those working in and around the Law with a straightforward meaning to a word or phrase which either belongs to the language of the Law, or to which the Law has given special meaning.

This book will not only be useful to those working directly within the legal profession - in law firms, barristers' chambers, within the court system, goverment registries, goverment and corporate legal departments - but also to those thousands of people whose jobs bring them in contact with legal documents and terminology - those in banks, building societies, insurance companies, and commerce generally. Students at both secondary and tertiary levels will also find this to be an invaluable research guide.

About The Author:

John Morgan Bishop, is a graduate of the School of Lar, University of Adelaide, and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of South Australia and Victoria. He has practised as a solicitor and was editor of the Legal Resources Book, published by Fitzroy Legal Services, Melbourne, Victoria. He has also worded in the field of legal education and publishing in Melbourne and Sydney. This is John Bishop's fifth book.