• The 5Es of Inquiry-Based Science

The 5Es of Inquiry-Based Science

Author(s) Kathleen N. Kopp, Lakeena Chitman-Booker
ISBN10 1425806899
ISBN13 9781425806897
Format Paperback
Pages 168
Year Publish 2013 January


Create an active learning environment in grades K-12 using the 5E inquiry-based science model! Featuring a practical guide to implementing the 5E model of instruction, this resource clearly explains each "E" in the 5E model of inquiry-based science. It provides teachers with practical strategies for stimulating inquiry with students and includes lesson ideas. Suggestions are provided for encouraging students to investigate and advance their understanding of science topics in meaningful and engaging ways. This resource supports core concepts of STEM instruction.

About The Authors:

Kathleen N. Kopp, M.A., is a Teacher on Special Assignment at Forest Ridge Elementary School in Citrus County, Florida. She has over 20 years of experience teaching kindergarten through fifth grade. Much of her work now involves training and coaching teachers. She is an award-winning author and has been writing professional books, articles, and instructional resources for over 15 years. Kathleen has presented at local, state, and national conferences.

Lakenna Chitman-Booker, M.A.Ed., teaches science in Memphis, Tennessee. She earned her bachelor of science in biology, and her master of education in instruction, curriculum, and leadership. Lakenna is an acclaimed mathematics and science presenter at conferences. She is passionate about providing students with meaningful and engaging science instruction that connects to their everyday lives and opens doors in education.