• What Rigor Looks Like in the Classroom (ASCD DVD), Oct/2015

What Rigor Looks Like in the Classroom (ASCD DVD), Oct/2015

Author(s) Robyn Jackson
ISBN10 1416620796
ISBN13 9781416620792
Format DVD
Pages One 45-minute DVD
Year Publish 2015 October


What does rigor really looks like in the classroom? As schools are focused more and more on increasing academic rigor, in part because of the emphasis placed on rigor in all of the various state standards, it’s a question every teacher is asking. In this video from ASCD, Robyn Jackson dispels the confusion by presenting the clear and concise definition of academic rigor she’s developed over time and working with teachers to show them what rigor looks like in practice.    

Visit a variety of different schools to see real teachers who are using Jackson’s field-tested methods to successfully boost academic rigor in their classrooms. You’ll witness these teachers helping students to construct meaning for themselves; impose structure on information that allows them to think accurately, consider multiple meanings, and engage in disciplined inquiry and thought; integrate their skills into processes; and apply what they’ve learned in more than one context and to unpredictable situations.

What Rigor Looks like in the Classroom DVD takes the mystery out of rigor and provides practical guidance for implementing rigorous instruction that meets the needs of all students.