• Listen Up! Speaking Matters DVD, April/2016

Listen Up! Speaking Matters DVD, April/2016

Author(s) Erik Palmer
ISBN10 1416620966
ISBN13 9781416620969
Format DVD
Pages One 45-minute DVD
Year Publish 2016 April


Author and educator, Erik Palmer, puts the spotlight on the often-neglected language arts by offering new and exciting ways to bolster students’ speaking skills.
Teachers assign oral activities, but they don’t usually spend much time teaching students how to be successful with those activities. What does it take for students to be effective oral communicators?  
Listen Up! Speaking Matters answers that important question. Veteran teacher and author, Erik Palmer, presents an approach to teaching speaking skills that is focused on preparing students for 21st century communication both inside and beyond the classroom. 
You’ll visit elementary, middle, and high school classrooms where teachers are guiding and assessing students in collaborative discussions, media literacy, questioning and reasoning, speech presentation, effective multimedia use, and adapting speech to different content and tasks. You’ll learn about PVLEGS (Poise, Voice, Life, Eye contact, Gestures, Speed) and how this concept can help students become more effective public speakers.  
Throughout the video, Palmer provides his expert advice on how teachers can focus on oral communication in their classroom and how these techniques can be implemented on a school-wide basis. You’ll also see him jump back into the classroom with a lesson on making thoughtful and targeted presentations to different audiences.
Listen Up! Speaking Matters is a key resource for teachers and schools committed to helping students acquire essential oral communication skills that cross content areas and support long-term success.