• Writing Disabilities & Disorders: Selected Papers, Aug/2010

Writing Disabilities & Disorders: Selected Papers, Aug/2010

Author(s) Noel Kok Kwee Chia
ISBN10 9810862261
ISBN13 9789810862268
Format Paperback
Pages 160
Year Publish 2010 August


Writing Disabilities & Disorders: Selected Papers is a collection of selected and updated papers of Dr Noel Kok Hwee CHIA covering a wide range of interesting topics under three parts:

  1. Part 1 introduces readers to the theories and models that explain the writing process and its various components such as encoding, meaning making, spelling, transcription and composition.
  2. Part 2 covers various failures that affect the writing process resulting in various writing disabilities and disorders. Readers will be introduced to cacographia, dysgraphia and other related written output anomalies.
  3. Part 3 begins with how to plan a remedial programme for children with challenges in written output based on the integrated English grammar approach and then moves on to touch on selected creative intervention strategies.

The aim of this book is to serve as a primer to those who have taken the first step in training to become a reading specialist or academic language therapist. It provides an easy understanding of the process of writing without too many technical terms and jargons used in many academic textbooks. Simple diagrams and illustrations are included in this book to aid in better understanding how each failure affects the overall process of writing.

About The Author:
Dr Noel Kok Hwee CHIA is an assistant professor with the Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Currently, he is the only board certified educational therapist registered with the American Association of Educational Therapists outside the United States. Besides, he is also a registered professional counsellor with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Perth, Western Australia. In addition, he is also a board certified diplomate in Special Education awarded by the American Academy of Special Education Professionals and the first Singaporean diplomate (Measurement Techniques in Distance Education) of the London-based Association of European Correspondence Schools. He sits on the Educational Standards Collaborative Committee of the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association both based in Pennsylvania, USA. In Singapore, he sits as a member on the MCYS Advisory Board/Discharge Committee. 

Dr Chia, a Canada-based LATIE-licensed TESOL instructor, has published numerous papers related to language and literacy in both local and overseas refereed and non-refereed academic journals and articles in professional magazines and periodicals for general readership as well as authored, co-authored and edited a series of monographs and books. In addition, he is also one of the two coordinating editors for the Journal of Reading & Literacy the flagship publication of the Society for Reading & Literacy, Singapore.

Dr Chia, a former Japan Air Line scholar (Asian Studies) at the Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, holds two fellowships one in literacy awarded by the College of Preceptors, UK, and the other in dyslexia awarded by the College of Teachers, UK and is an alumnus of three Australian universities Edith Cowan University, the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Western Australia. A former recipient of the Literacy Award Certificate of Merit 1995 given by the Society of Reading & Literacy at the Second Asian Reading Congress, Dr Chia is currently a Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow (2010) at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, National Library Board, Singapore, researching on the growth of imagination in Singapore children's literature in English from 1965-2005. He is married with a daughter.


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