• The Facilitator's Fieldbook, 3rd Edition, Oct/2012

The Facilitator's Fieldbook, 3rd Edition, Oct/2012

Author(s) Tom Justice, David W. Jamieson, Ph.D
ISBN10 0814420087
ISBN13 9780814420089
Format Paperback
Pages 470
Year Publish 2012 October


Fully updated, the indispensible guide that keeps teams and groups humming along…and getting results.

The Facilitator’s Fieldbook has long been the go-to resource for novice and experienced facilitators alike. The book gives managers, trainers, and group leaders in any industry the step-by-step procedures, checklists, guidelines, samples, and templates they need to make any group work like a well-oiled machine.

Comprehensive and practical, The Facilitator’s Fieldbook covers all the key areas including establishing ground rules; planning meetings and agendas; brain storming; resolving conflict; making decisions; and helping groups optimize their time. The completely revised third edition also provides new team-building exercises, as well as updated information on virtual meetings, mediation, strategic planning, and much more. Readers will find tips on maintaining the tone and flow of meetings, and guidelines for determining when to delegate projects to individuals rather than assembling a group.

Getting people to function together productively can be a challenge. With The Facilitator’s Fieldbook, readers have the tools and knowledge they need to rise to the occasion.

About the Authors:
TOM JUSTICE is an organizational development practitioner and the president of Justice & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in organizational capacity.

DAVID W. JAMIESON, PH.D., is department chair, Organization Learning & Development, University of St. Thomas and coauthor of Managing Workforce 2000.