• Co-Operation, Learning and Co-Operative Values: Contemporary Issues in Education

Co-Operation, Learning and Co-Operative Values: Contemporary Issues in Education

Author(s) Edited by Tom Woodin
ISBN10 0415725240
ISBN13 9780415725248
Format Paperback
Pages 220
Year Publish 2014 November


The rapidity of change in education has intensified in recent years. With the emergence of ‘co-operative schools’ and a new framework focusing heavily on co-operation, a direct challenge to ways of thinking about education, at both school and university level, has developed.

Co-operation, Learning and Co-operative Values addresses the urgent need to describe, analyse and assess the growth of co-operative education. The relationship between co-operation and education is a complex process and this book critically reflects on the tensions and obstacles facing this movement. It brings together the contributions of academics and practitioners from a range of backgrounds, and explores topics including:

  1. Theories and histories of co-operative values and principles
  2. Critical views of the practice of co-operative education
  3. Case studies of processes in action from both schools and higher education
  4. Co-operative education in a wider context

This book provides an essential introduction to a new and expanding area of research with chapters by many leading commentators in education. It will be of interest to researchers and educators interested in education and social policy.


"It is rare that visions for radical social, economic and cultural change are accompanied by both rich histories of struggle and compelling examples of actually existing accomplishment; it is even rarer to find accounts of such possibilities that are convincing in a new educational order which specialises in cultivating despair. Co-operation, Learning and Co-operative Values is an antidote to this mystification and should be read widely by anyone seeking inspiration for their own visions and strategies for transforming education." - Sarah Amsler, University of Lincoln

About the Editor:

Tom Woodin is Senior Lecturer in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.