• Biology Inquiries: Standards-Based Labs, Assessments, and Discussion Lessons

Biology Inquiries: Standards-Based Labs, Assessments, and Discussion Lessons

Author(s) Martin Shields
ISBN10 0787976520
ISBN13 9780787976521
Format Paperback
Pages 304
Year Publish 2005 September


Biology Inquiries offers educators a handbook for teaching middle and high school students engaging lessons in the life sciences. Inspired by the National Science Education Standards, the book bridges the gap between theory and practice. With exciting twists on standard biology instruction the author emphasizes active inquiry instead of rote memorization.

Biology Inquiries contains many innovative ideas developed by biology teacher Martin Shields. This dynamic resource helps teachers introduce standards-based inquiry and constructivist lessons into their classrooms. Some of the book's classroom-tested lessons are inquiry modifications of traditional "cookbook" labs that biology teachers will recognize. Biology Inquiries provides a pool of active learning lessons to choose from with valuable tips on how to implement them.

About The Author:
Martin Shields has taught high school biology for thirteen years. He has worked with students of all ability levels from remedial to Advanced Placement. His educational background includes a masters degree in biology and he has had diverse research experiences. He has been published in The Science Teacher and regularly presents on inquiry and other teaching strategies at state and national conventions.