• 40 Engaging Brain-Based Tools for the Classroom, Dec/2008

40 Engaging Brain-Based Tools for the Classroom, Dec/2008

Author(s) Michael A. Scaddan
ISBN10 1412949149
ISBN13 9781412949149
Format Paperback
Pages 144
Year Publish 2008 October


"Scaddan has collected many positive, easy-to-read ideas that will be helpful for educators."
—Eric Jensen, Educational Consultant

"This book honors the art and science of teaching and learning. Read it, use it, and carry it from school to school, classroom to classroom for decades. This book is a backpack full of ideas, strategies, and activities to enhance brains and enrich hearts."
—Glenn Capelli, Churchill Fellow
True Learning Centre, Australia

"This is the missing link in so many of our schools' curriculum. Scaddan sparks the joy of learning in children and builds relationships between teachers and learners. A must-have for administrators, teachers, counselors, and anyone interested in understanding what it takes to make a difference."
—Nancy G . Peterson, Educational Consultant

Use these practical, brain-friendly tools to engage learners and impact student achievement!

Educators looking for proven methods to introduce brain-compatible instruction into K–12 classrooms will find invaluable assistance in this easy-to-read, engaging resource. The author helps teachers understand how the brain, mind, and body function in the learning process, demonstrates methods to reinforce students' memory and concentration, and illustrates ways to enhance learners' outcomes across a broad range of skills.

This flexible guide converts the latest findings on brain research into fun and effective techniques for reducing behavioral distractions in class, improving academic performance, and strengthening teachers' instructional skills. Within a holistic brain-based teaching model, this practical book offers:

  1. 40 brain-friendly tools for improving learning and test results
  2. A brain-based review feature that helps readers evaluate and modify the tools to meet students' needs
  3. Stimulating quotes and motivational proverbs for inspiration
  4. Stories, songs, poems, and anecdotes woven throughout the text

This guide is ideal for empowering students and helping them take ownership of their learning.

About The Author:
Michael A. Scaddan is an international educational consultant who works in the USA, Australasia, Asia, and Europe. He is the author of 40 Engaging Brain-Based Tools for the Classroom as well as 24 training manuals and 3 educational DVDs. He has a background in elementary and adult teaching as well as being a highly successful principal and was recently selected as patron for The Hungarian Brain Based Institute.

As a school principal, he continued to be a practical, hands-on educator, teaching all levels of children through an innovative Learn to Learn program. This enabled him to develop hundreds of useful and practical classroom tips as well as fine-tune successful schoolwide techniques that are now passed on to fellow educators.

Always looking for a better way, he has extensive training in brain-compatible learning, completing an MEd in accelerated learning at the University of Tasmania. Scaddan is now CEO of Brain Stems Ltd., a brain-compatible training organization, and has worked as a full-time learning consultant in the USA, Sweden, Hungary, India, and Australia, as well as throughout New Zealand. He has recently been employed as an educational consultant to the government of Thailand.