• Legends from Old Singapore

Legends from Old Singapore

Author(s) Noel Chia Kok Hwee
ISBN10 9810045077
ISBN13 9789810045074
Format Paperback
Pages 125
Year Publish 1993 January


The stories in this collection of legends adapted from the classical Malay Annals beginning with the founding of the Srivijayan kingdom of Singapura by Sri Tri Buana, also known as Sang Nila Utama, and ending with the fall of this ancient kingdom to the Majapahit Javanese invaders. Favourite stories such as The Redhill and the less familiar Raja Shulan's Conquest and Raja Chulan's EXpeditiion to China are retold in this book.

These fascinating stories offer a timeless magical experience that will certsainly inspire the imagination on any reader.

"Legends from Old Singapore" will certainly make a good resiurce book for stidents who are currently doing the following in school:

  1. Social & Ecomomic Hstories of Singapore 
  2. Social Studies for Early Pioneers of Singapore

About The Author:
Noel Chia has been writing for children for past two decades and many of his stories and poems have appeared in periodicals such as Funland, Window on Singapore, and D'Light. In 1981, he won a special commendation award at the EPB Workshop on Creative Writing and Literary Appreciation for his novella The Great Kingdom of Toys.

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