• Workshop on Action Research: Transforming Teachers to Action Researchers, 2nd Revised Edition

Workshop on Action Research: Transforming Teachers to Action Researchers, 2nd Revised Edition

Author(s) Dr Soh Kay Cheng, Dr Christopher Tan
ISBN10 9881751918
ISBN13 9789881751911
Format Paperback
Pages 112
Year Publish 2008 January


This is a ‘must have’ for research-oriented teachers!

The book evolved from more than 10 years of experience in conducting action research workshops for teachers. It covers

(1) Understanding educational action research
(2) Problem, hypothesis, and design
(3) Collecting trustworthy data
(4) Analyzing data
(5) Reporting your AR project
(6) Planning your AR project


Truly a simply and effective book for the teacher practitioners who desire to learn about action research!
-Dr Iris Lee, Ministry of Education, Singapore

Increasingly, teacher competency is no longer viewed as just mere action and activity ("doing"). Effective teachers must also understand the structure, efficacy or outcomes of those actions ("inquiry"). Here at last, in a new revised edition, is a book that is written for teacher-researchers keen to make a real difference to their classroom. The entire research process is simply explained and the authors have selected research designs and data analytical methods which have practical value for busy teachers. A must-read for all new and experienced teacher-researchers out there.
-Mrs Diana Lim, HOD/ICT
Coral Secondary School, Singapore

The book provides a systematic and sinple framework for classroom action research (both in theory and in practice). It equips teachers with various research techniques like topic selection, activity design, data collection, analysis and interpreation, etc. These increase teachers' confidence in their own classroom action research.
-Prof. Bui Phuong Nga
National Institute for Education Strategies & Curriculum (NIESAC), Vietnam

This is a user-friendly and self-explanatory guide to action research. Clear explanations are given to the terms, concepts and steps involved in research, making them easy for teachers to understand. Specific examples are given such that teachers can make quick reference to. Teachers who are committed to enhancing student learning will surely find this a useful and valuable book.
-Ms Alice Cheng, Secondard Teacher, Hong Kong

Educational researches are important to evaluate the success od education reform. As such, the valuable researches conducted by frontline teachers consitute an important source of improvements in teaching and learning. The book really helps teachers to conduct a good research. It is a good companion for teacher-researchers.
-Mr Chow Kam Ming, Vice Principal
Elegantia College, Hong Kong