• Lee Kuan Yew: The Crucial Years (1959-1970 and 1971 - 1978) Slipcase Set

Lee Kuan Yew: The Crucial Years (1959-1970 and 1971 - 1978) Slipcase Set

Author(s) Alex Josey
ISBN10 981451635X
ISBN13 9789814516358
Format Slipcase (2 Volumes Set)
Pages 1,274
Year Publish 2013 Deceber


The Crucial Years (1959–70) 
This facsimile edition of Alex Josey’s The Crucial Years contains practically everything that Singapore’s first prime minister had said politically since his student days at Cambridge right up to his speeches at the 1971 Commonwealth Prime Minister’s Conference held in Singapore. More than a political biography of an outstanding Asian statesman, this indispensable volume shows how Lee successfully created an independent, multiracial nation while tackling and solving problems that confront all developing states. 

The Critical Years (1971–78) 
In this second volume, Alex Josey tells the continuing story of Singapore’s remarkable development from the beginning of 1971 to the end of 1978, as told by Lee Kuan Yew himself. Here are Lee’s fears, hopes, triumphs and failures, his analytical judgements, his look into the future, his valuations and beliefs, his unswerving faith in the ability of the average Singaporean to understand what his prime minister is talking about, and his supreme confidence that Singapore will survive as an independent, if inter-dependent, sovereign state, and be successful.

About the Author:
Alex Josey was a journalist, political writer and commentator, biographer, and during WWII and The Malayan Emergency, a propaganda warrior. He is best known for his biographies on the former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew as well as other political writings, such as; Democracy in Singapore: The 1970 by elections, Socialism in Asia, and Trade unionism in Malaya.